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Our Mission

The Mission of the Economic Council of Martin County is to ensure Martin County is a sustainable, quality community.

Who We Are

The Economic Council of Martin County is a private, not-for-profit, not-partisan organization. Created in 1985 the Council is comprised of the communities leading business owners and executives. The Economic Council and its members are recognized leaders in identifying and achieving solutions to community issues. Through a business oriented process of gathering facts, civil dialogue, and objective, deliberate and thoughtful decision making the Economic Council has continued to be succesful in its efforts to make positive impacts leading to Martin County being a sustainable, quality community.

Our Vision for the Community

The Economic Council of Martin County envisions a community that recognizes and balances the four interrelated systems of sustainability (Economic, Built, Natural, and Social) required for a sustainable, quality community. Success will be achieved through the Economic Council's continued leadership, advocacy, policies and projects.

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